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Washing Maching / Washer Extrator

XGQ Series Automatic Washing Machine, Washer Extractor

Fully automatic, microcomputer-controller, 5 standard programs, with 30 additional adjustable programs, flexible for set.

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XGP Series Industrial Washing Machine

It is driven by triangle belt which is durable and moves smooth with low shock.

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GL Series Barrier Washing Machine

With the isolating type and isolating wall, divides the room into two separate areas, meets the requirement of gem-free, dust-free, anti static washing needs.

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SXT Series Tilt Washing Machine

The whole unit is combined inner drums, outer drums, rotatable lifting bearing system, chock absorbing spring, shock reducer and lifting cylinder.

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TL Series Hydro Extractor

The panel and frum are all in stainless steel, good appearance and long life.

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