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Other Laundry Products

DGN-6 Series Multi-function Ironing Table

It can use as a spotting table with jet gun. It has strong absorpsion, dehumidify fast. It has good performance when it was used for wool, silk, fluff, because it can blow out wind for ironing. It is good at ironing skirt.

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Ironing Table

Strong absorbability, dehumidity,the effact of finalize the design is good. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics and semifinished products.

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ITJ Ironing Board

Multifunctional ironing board. With a variety of ironing function. Is your good assistant of ironing clothes. Easy to use. You should love it.

The working area : 41.7"13.4" (10634cm)
Voltage : 220V

Gravity Iron (AS-300L-220V)

High quality thermostat
More comfortable hand shank
Light touching button switch,very covenient
Long life handle switch