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Cloth Packing Machine

BZ Series Cloth Packing Machine

This machine is stable, economic and durable. The garment packet by it keep dust and oil distain away effectively. Plastic bag is adjustable in length. It is applicable for packing shirts, raincoats, pants, suits and wall fashion.

Product Overview

  1. CE,ISO,good quality
  2. laundry, dry cleaning shop,etc.
  3. Real factory, competitive price

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Model BZ-6
Voltage (V) 220/240/380/415
Motor Power (kw) 0.2
Plastic Coiling Bag Width(mm) =600
Plastic Coiling Bag Depth(mm) 0.15-0.3
Plastic Coiling Bag Material Polyethylene
Weight(kg) $55.00 
Diament(mm) 1660x700x600